Heading to Rome is a dream come true for any foodies like myself, from pasta carbonara to tiramisu and of course pizza, Rome has some of the best food on the planet. The first time around, my girlfriends and I didn’t do any research on food places so we went to restaurants near the tourist … Continue reading EATING AROUND ROME


The first time I went to Rome was back in 2014 with my girlfriends where we unexpectedly discover the Trevi fountain under restoration. It was fenced off with no water so I knew I had to come back one day to witness the beauty of it. That moment came in 2019, my husband and I … Continue reading 72 HOURS IN ROME

DIY Skyline Painted Plant Pot

In March 2020, New York City went on lockdown due to the pandemic. With the extra time home, I decided to become a plant mom. I read that snake plants are easy to care for so I brought six snake plants for 43 USD. I brought a set of four ceramic plant pots with connected … Continue reading DIY Skyline Painted Plant Pot

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